The most prestigious Chinese language proficiency test
has returned back to Stockholm
– Chinese School Ruiqing held the HSK tests for the first time on May 11,

On May 11, the international Chinese Language Proficiency Test
(hereinafter referred to as HSK) returned back to Stockholm. The
opening of this examination center will provide great convenience for
candidates to obtain official certificate. After five years, Chinese
School Ruiqing restarted the HSK tests for International Chinese
Education & Examination Service in Beijing. People who have been
enrolled for the examination came from Stockholms University, Lund
and Gothenburg, but of course most of them from Stockholm area.

The whole preparation for the first exams at level 2 – 6 has been in
progress for more than half a year, and the specific enrollment work
has started since early March. Thanks to the good cooperation
between head office in Beijing and Chinese School Ruiqing the
examination has been very successful. The tests have been held
were at four different levels: HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 5, HSK 6, and

HSKK speaking primary Level . The tests were proceeded in the
morning and in the afternoon on May 11, 2019.